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Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Event

Creating a family-friendly event is a move that benefits everyone. Not only can parents attend your event without the distraction and worry of locating childcare, but these events also serve as a fun night out for the entire family. Not to mention, family-friendly corporate events are a great way to promote organizational values, such as work-life balance, inclusivity, and community.  Read more “Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Event”

Tips for Creating an Immersive Event Experience

Whether you are planning a large corporate event or an intimate wedding with friends, you should always strive to create an immersive experience for your guests. When you create an immersive event experience, you’ve potentially accomplished two things: 1) you’ve gained your guest’s attention to spread your message, and 2) you’ve created a lasting memory. Read more “Tips for Creating an Immersive Event Experience”