Kids & Family Stage Shows Organizer

Kids and Family Stage Shows

We offer up to 30 minutes family shows based on dance, singing, kids’ interaction and of course with famous fairy tale storylines. Our shows are musical extravaganzas and perfect receipt for fantastic entertainment for public events, festivals, malls and private parties. They are pantomime like but with less talking. Our experience has taught us that young children do not necessarily understand English, so we based our shows on very little conversation and more of dance slapstick comedy.

We have more than a dozen titles all with original scripts and costumes including Alice is Back, A little Bit of Red, Pinocchio and Ring Master, Doll and Dolly, Peter and Hook, Tarzan and Jungle Book, Aladdin and Genie, Little Mouk and Desert Adventure, Sarila – Eskimo Princess, Frosty The Elf, Mermaid and Evil Witch, Sindbad and Baba Dharia and few more in the oven baking for Season 2019/20.