Five Feelings that Magical Events Create

Five Feelings that Magical Events Create

The difference between a good and excellent event is in planning.

Business ‘control freaks’ most often see event planning as a mechanical process, not necessarily such a difficult task, which is actually very opposite – it’s very complex and requires control.

But planning such a process using only building up, control, and crisis management usually results in an understatement – a well-planned event that is boring. Our team at Quiceno Art event management company believes that it is actually the emotion that makes your event special. Feelings are almost always a result of collaboration and interaction in an event environment, and must be included in the event planning process, so that the audience can experience special and magical sensation.

Regardless of the nature of the event, if you add a fun element every day you will always get unforgettable experiences.

Inspired by Ancient Greek tragedies, going through frustration means experiencing purification and relief. Adding frustration influences the event experience by making it surprising. If you include this element in your event , you will surely encourage static participants to engage in greater interaction.
If you have children as your audience, you know the power of frustration is immensely engaging. Using it in theater shows, for example, can have incredible effect.

Surprise is usually associated with frustration. When something that is usually finished with surprise, the feeling is unbelievable. Planned surprises can be a great addition to breaking routines, and also positively affect the mood of the participants making them happier and providing them with more fun.

Expectation is a luxury that can only be afforded at certain events. It comes with time, with prestige and reputation. This is not just one of the medals you earn on the field. Expectation should be cultivated with the right choices:

  1. A similar format that changes over time only in detail
  2. Consistent audience or community of participants
  3. A top experience that meets the basic needs of the participants
  4. Uniqueness and exclusivity


How to achieve spontaneity? By encouraging participants to become a part of the performance. By allowing audience to participate, sing, dance, or something similar, that always creates space for something unexpected.
It is true that planning without feeling is a missed opportunity, so use emotions as an essential spice for a perfectly planned event.

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