Event Entertainment – Out with the Old and In with the Exciting

Event Entertainment – Out with the Old and In with the Exciting

It’s fair to say many guests are hesitant when it comes time to RSVP to certain events. Whether it’s due to a lack of interest in networking or simply suffering from event fatigue, the best way to increase interest in your next big event is through bespoke entertainment concepts.

From corporate events, award shows, gala dinners and festivals,  to private parties and fundraising galas, a few top notch entertainment ideas will keep your next event fresh and appealing for your guests.

Living Art and Live Statues

Transform your event into a completely immersive experience with intriguing interactive art concepts. Ideal for a meet and greet or for an interesting conversational backdrop, living art and live statutes provide an elegant take on interactive event performances.

Depending on which living art medium you select for your event, this experiential platform allows your guests to become an active participant (rather than an observer). From human decor and walking art to live art installations and movie characters,  your event can be transformed and infused with an unforgettable ‘wow’ factor.

Roaming Entertainment

The goal of any event is to create a memorable experience for your guests. Roaming entertainment is a great way to help your guests feel relaxed at your event while simultaneously leaving a lasting impression. Just as the name suggests, roaming and interactive entertainers mix and mingle with your guests throughout your event venue.

Examples of roaming entertainment include stilt walkers, unicyclists, contact jugglers, strolling tables,  look a likes, mimes, roller skaters, fake paparazzi, walking paintings, walk about characters and much more. Whether it’s a large festival or an intimate gathering, roaming entertainment is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Specialty Acts & Urban Street Art

What better way to liven the festivities than with the captivating allure of aerial and acrobatics? Aerial and acrobatic acts allow you to literally bring your event to new heights – as in the sky! From contortionists and tight rope walkers to the challenging acrobatics of the Acro Duo, your guests won’t be able to look away.

If you are looking to inject an edgy vibe into your next event, consider adding urban street art to the mix. From beatboxing and graffiti art to rollerblading and skateboarding acts, BMX urban infused entertainment is sure to provide an additional layer of fun and enjoyment during your event.

Master of Ceremonies & More

It takes a special talent to keep an audience engaged, particularly during lengthy events. Whether you prefer to sit back and enjoy the festivities or simply dread the idea of standing in front of your guests, MCs, Hosts, and DJs are a few entertaining options to host your event. Not only will your Master of Ceremonies ensure your event runs smoothly and on time, but they will also entertain your audience with laughter.

MCs are particularly beneficial during corporate events. Typically, planning committees have distinct motives when it comes to planning an event agenda, and not all of these motives are audience driven. An MC will ensure your event not only meets its intended marks, but that it also leaves a favourable impression on your attendees.

Elevate Your Entertainment Options

Whether you opt for the more traditional route of a DJ or prefer something outside of the box, there are a wide variety of entertainment options out there to suit your occasion. In fact, the only limit is your imagination!

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