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Know Your Audience – Choosing the Right Entertainment for Your Event

You’ve spent a great deal of your time preparing for your big event. You’ve planned your marketing strategy, found the perfect venue, and finalized your guest list. From the small details to the large ones, there are a variety of details that will dramatically impact the quality of your event. Among the most important details is your event entertainment.

We’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you on the path to selecting the perfect entertainment for your next big event.

Why is Event Entertainment So Important?

Between sending text messages and taking pictures to checking emails and social media updates, there is an infinite number of distractions to pop up during your event. With so many distractions, how can you keep your audience happy and entertained during your event?

Audience engagement is an indispensable aspect of your event. Ultimately, the entertainment you select can make the difference between the success or failure of your event. Essentially, if you can’t keep your audience engaged, there’s a good chance they’ll leave unimpressed. Not only will they not come back to future events, but they also will not have a positive experience to share with others.

Understand the Type of Event You are Hosting

When searching for event entertainment, it’s important not to settle. You need the perfect event entertainment to wow your guests! First and foremost, you need to know what kind of event you are throwing. Is your intended event a private family event or a public corporate event? Do you want your entertainment to serve as the focus of your event, or work in the backdrop?

For example, at a wedding, you would not want the entertainment upstaging the bride and groom. During a corporate event, you might want to hire an MC to serve as a host, guiding the tempo and itinerary of the event.

Know Your Audience

Once you know the type of event you are throwing, you can focus on the guest list. Focusing on the event’s guests can help event planners sort through their options to determine whether or not a particular entertainer will resonate with their audience.

For example, if you’re putting on an event for a crowd that’s expected to be older and you’re looking for a musical act, you would not want to hire a hip hop dance crew or beatboxers. On the other hand, if you are expecting a younger crowd, you may want to consider a live art installation, beatboxers, or graffiti artists. For a family event, you might consider roaming entertainment options (i.e. stilt walkers, jugglers, human statues, etc.).

Questions to consider when deciding on your event entertainment:

  • Location – Is your target audience suburban, urban, or rural?
  • Age – What is the age range of your guests’ list? Are they older or younger? Perhaps you will have a wide range of ages.
  • Family Status – Is your target audience single and unmarried or settled with families? Will they be attending on their own or with their family?
  • Formal or Informal – Will your event be a formal sit down event or an informal event with standing and mingling?


Ultimately, your goal isn’t just to put on the event; it’s also to create a memorable guest experience. By keeping guest tastes and demographics in mind, you’ll have a better chance of booking the right entertainment for your event.

Signs Your Guests are Entertained

During your event, take a good look around. How do your guests look? Are they smiling and mingling? Are they interacting/engaging with your hired entertainment? What’s the mood in the room?

Some guest behaviors which indicate you are booking the right entertainers for your event might include any of the following:

  • Your guests are highly engaged (i.e. dancing, smiling, and laughing friends, etc.)
  • Event attendees are sharing their experience on social media
  • Guests are calling or texting other friends to come to join them during the event
  • Attendees remain at the venue for the full length of the event
  • Guests are seeking interaction with the entertainment during the event
  • Guests are asking how to book the entertainment for their next event

Quiceno Art Event Entertainment

Whether you opt for the more traditional route of a DJ or prefer something outside of the box, there is a wide variety of entertainment options out there to create the ultimate guest experience tailored to the tastes of your event attendees. In fact, the only limit is your imagination!

Contact a member of the Quiceno Art Dubai’s entertainment agency to learn more about creating a memorable immersive event experience for your guests.